Neco biology practical questions and answers 2021

Neco biology practical questions and answers 2021


Specimen; A is yam tuberb
Specimen; B is cassava tuber
Specimen; C is quadrant
Specimen; D is insect net
Specimen; E is rain guage
Specimen; F is rice grain
Specimen; G is dry groundnuts seed

Specimen; A is propagated from small tubers
Specimen; B is propagated by stem
Specimen; F is propagated by seeds

Specimen; C is used for for study of the distribution of an item over a large area.
Specimen; D is used for prevention against insects
Specimen; E is used to measure the precipitating rain

Diagram of insect net.

(i)The surface of B turn blue-black
(ii)starch is present

Specimen; F grains (cereals)
Specimen; G puises (legume)

(i)The paper appears translucent
(ii) Specimen; G contain fat and oil or fat and oil is present in specimen G


Fat and oil

Specimen; H is contour feather
Specimen; I is quill feather
Specimen; J is Filoplume
Specimen; K is millipede
Specimen; L is centipede

(i)They provide insulation to birds
(ii)Feathers allow for flight
(iii)Feathers are used for defense
(iv)Feathers are used for camouflage


Diagram of specimen I.

(i)Specimen; H serve as aerodynamic
devices for flight
(ii)Specimen; J are used principally as insulation, to conserve body heat.

Specimen; K belong to the class Diplopoda
Specimen; L belong to the class Chilopoda.

In tabular form
-Specimen; K-
(i)millipedes are more rounded.
(ii)Millipedes have two sets of legs per segment positioned directly under their body.

-Specimen; L-
(i)centipedes have a flatter body

neco biology practical – (ii)Centipedes have one set of legs per segment positioned on the side of their body.

Specimen; M is Grasshopper
Specimen; N is spider
Specimen; O is Larva (house fly)
Specimen; P is Larva ( mosquito)
Specimen; Q Flame of The forest flower

Neco 2021 Practical Specimens

neco biology practical specimen 2021

Here are the specimens of biology practical for neco 2021 exam

SPECIMEN A – Atlas vertebra
SPECIMEN B – Thoracic vertebra
SPECIMEN C – Scapula
SPECIMEN D – Lumbar vertebra
SPECIMEN F – Sweep net
SPECIMEN G – Tridax fruit
SPECIMEN H – Tad pole – neco biology practical specimen 2021
SPECIMEN I – Spirogyra (filaments)
SPECIMEN J – Okro fruit
SPECIMEN K – Mango fruit
SPECIMEN M – Bean weevil
SPECIMEN N – Cactus plant
SPECIMEN O – Water lettuce
SPECIMEN P – Soldier termite (mandibulate)

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