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Bride Of The Moon – American Novels Best

Written by Aishat

Bride Of The Moon – American Novels Best




Seung hou yi summons his sons to the sacred chamber.

Sons, taiwu is in great danger pangu the evil dragon god as awoken! He annouces

What should we do father,jinho says bowing.

The only solution to our problem is the legendary ancient dragon ice sword that posses an ultimate power It was lost to the humans SEOUL CITY.

Waow!Yee joon mutters.

But you must be pure in heart else you will be possessed by it.

Amazing..Yee mutters again but earns a glare from jinho.

The three of you are my sons and i expect you all to make me proud by getting that sword for taiwus safety its not an appeal but a command and order from me Seung hou yi and you must obey!

Yes father..they all chorused.

It is done…

Go and get us the dragon ice sword, taiwu counts on you all,princess min jin and hee jin will go with you,note humans are not to be trusted.They are very cruel and cunning.

Take care, be careful Sons!Chang’e waves.

(The portle gate opens and they go in..)


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